japanese technology high quality HARDLOCK nut recognized by the world, made in Japan

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japanese technology high quality HARDLOCK nut recognized by the world, made in Japan

bolt  bolt

The beginning of development is "Looseness of screws, breakage accident of bolts never come to an end"
The main cause of the breakage accident of the bolt is a decrease in the initial fastening force (axial force) of the screw.
There were many drop-off prevention parts in the world, but there were not products which prevent screw axial force reduction. Then it was focused on the idea of completely eliminating play in screws.

Focused on the wedge principle used in Japanese ancient structural construction, "Hard Lock Nut with Wedge Structure" was invented. The conventional problem of high cost and poor workability using two nuts was solved, and a hard lock nut secured the perfect locking function = "safety and security" was born.
It has been evaluated the best in various screw loosening tests and gradually adopted all over the world.
As a result, it made it possible to maintain the initial axial force (fastening force) by using the hard lock nut, thereby preventing screw loosening and bolt breakage accidents, drastically reducing labor costs, maintenance costs, and huge claims costs shaking the company.
HARDLOCK nut continues to provide large merit to companies all over the world.

Features  " The globally recognized HARDLOCK Nut "

Utilizing the wedge principle used in ancient Japanese architecture, the HLN is the ultimate self-locking nut which perfectly succeeds to integrate the nuts with the bolt.

■Self-locking effect recognized by the world

HARDLOCK Nut also passed the United States NAS (National Aerospace Standard) aviation standards.
■Enables Torque and Axial Force control
Controlling axial force with proper torque wherever it is used.
■Possible to re-use
All metal with little abrasion, sustains a high self-locking effect.
■Good and simple work ability
Easy installation with commercially available tools.
■Provides substantial cost savings
Allows significant reduction in total cost by reducing maintenance costs, labor costs etc.

Locations where only the HARDLOCK Nut is Sufficient
1) Where an external force repeatedly acts in the rotational direction of the bolt
2) Where an external force repeatedly acts in the direction perpendicular to the shaft
3) Where an external force repeatedly acts in the vertical direction of the bolt
4) Where bolts and nuts cannot be tightened strongly
5) Where minor vibrations are always present
6) Where excessive external forces occur
7) Where extreme heat is a factor such as due to temperature variation

 Primary performance

* New Energy / Power
Wind power generation, solar power generation, thermal power generation, nuclear power generation
* Steel tower
Communication tower, transmission line tower
* Railway car
Shinkansen trains, conventional railway vehicles, new transportation (monorail)
* Railway facility
Railway (electricity), railway (signal), railroad (track), rail (architecture)
* Bridge
* Highway
* Vehicles and ships
Special equipment, buggy, ship, game machine, transport equipment
* Industrial machinery
* Building / civil engineering


2013 June 1st
The HARDLOCK NUT is registered with New Technology Information System (NETIS) for public works by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The registration number is KK-130006-A.

2011 September 1st 
JISQ 9100:2009 certification received from LRQA Japan for Quality Management Systems in the aerospace and defense industries ISO 9001:2008 certification also received.