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Our company is a logistics trading company which was founded in 1893. As a trading company of architectural hardware that is closely related to everyone's live, we have been offering products that always matched the demand of the times to housing - related manufactures, wholesalers,hardware shops, home centers over 120 years. Based on the idea that improving the living environment which still has disparity as compared with Europe and the United States is the origin of everyone's happiness,we are constantly pursuing security, safety and comfort. We are making extensive efforts every day to create proposal / creation so that we can respond to the needs of our customers and the times. We will continue to make every effort to ensure that all officers and employees meet the expectations of our customers and we would like to thank you for your patronage and encouragement for us which is a group company of Hinaka.

Corporate philosophy

【Safety, Reliability, Creation】 Based on people's safety, we are trying to be a company which is grounded on social mutual trust and making efforts to improve employee morale and contribution to the society through the development of the company. And we are also making efforts to provide products and services which is required from the corporate activities that create with youthful ideas and behaviors.

Management policy

1. Our company is committed to sincerity and solid management standing on the business foundation of many years.

1. The basis of our business is in co-prosperity with our business partners.

1. The development of our business is based on the enthusiasm and effort of all employees.

1. Strengthen the foundation of business and pursue the happiness of all employees.

Environmental philosophy

HILOGIK CO., LTD. strongly recognizes that conservation and improvement of the global environment is the most important issue which commons to all human beings. and while considering the environment in all aspects of corporate activities of purchasing, products, and sales. we will contribute to building a recycling-based society as a logistics trading company of related hardware.