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Hardware for buildingsビル用金物

Recently townscapes has changed considerably for the overcrowding and high-rise buildings. Among them, we are aiming to place emphasis on earthquake-proofing / seismic isolation and environmental problems and we would like to prepare proposals focusing on exterior, interior and exterior groove hardware to support for creating a warm and comfortable space. And regarding handled items, we select materials that are friendly to people and we confront environmental problems trying not lose impair aesthetics to respond to every need.

Hardware for detached houses戸建用金物

Nowadays, we can see people who want to live in their own way richly are increasing. In all aspects of food, clothing and shelter, individual lifestyles which is not caught in a fashion are pursued. The diversification of lifestyles leads to the needs of products with various policies. Our company constantly develops new innovative products by devising new creativity and ingenuity, and are responding to everyone's needs.

DIY HardwareDIY金物

DIY is the acronym for "Do it yourself". Unlike commodities overflowing in the market, attaching to things that is only one, the thing you search all over the world, the thing made by yourself are very special. We are committed to working with enthusiastic efforts to promptly provide better products according to the needs of these consumers, taking advantage of our experience and achievements.